Shipping Info

Delivery Time and Guarantee

  • delivery info transport Time and assure transport of the jacket can be generally 7- 9 operating days from the date of your order substantiation. nevertheless, the delivery assurance will come into impact, If the courier is unfit to descry your cargo and give you an awaited delivery date.


How Shipment Works

  • Our storehouse is located in foreign places. express cargo DHL and FedEx are employed for dispatching all orders. The entire transport manner is traceable; consequently, the guests can get their parcels properly at their doorstep in their comfort and without any hassles. in case you are not to be had to confess your cargo, you can easily depart a be aware at the door directing shipping to a neighbor, who can subscribe for the package on your behalf. The explicit courier will depart a note with the shipment range and a contact range If no bone can subscribe for the shipping on your behalf. We do not make transport on the put up office box.

Notices You Will Receive

  •  when you first area your order, you may admit note, admitting the harm of your order thereby moving you a dupe of your precise tab. Your order isn’t always registered, in case you do no longer admit any word. subsequently, it cannot be reused and packed. duty And impositions you will get your quantity back without delay equal to the quantity of your buy or a comfort shipment might be transferred to you, If, for any cause, your order fails to reach or it’s undeserving to descry your cargo. still, we can get back to you with the courier’s shadowing wide variety for the cargo and guidelines for using this quantity to learn the fame of your shipment, if you insinuate to us by dispatch about the shipping this is taking longer than the delivery note estimate. while to expect delivery we can shoot you a dispatch with the following information 

In Case of Damage/Defect

In Case of damage/ illness touch inside 7 days of your shipment appearance, if there may be any harm set up within the product.